Ancient Egyptian pyramids

Over a course of almost 1,500 years, 112 pyramids were constructed by 20,000 to 30,000 Egyptian workers[1][2], in the service of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.[3] This list presents the vital statistics of the pyramids listed in chronological order, when available.

Pharaoh Ancient name Dynasty Site Base length x height (m) Volume (cu.m) Inclination Notes Image
Khufu The Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu's Horizon) 4th Giza 230.3sq.x146.6h. 2,583,283 51° 50' 40" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 3 queen's pyramids.
Menkaure Menkaure's Pyramid 4th Giza 103.4sq.x65.5h. 235,183 51°20′25″ Pyramid complex includes 3 queens pyramids.
Sneferu Red Pyramid 4th Dashur 220sq.x105h. 1,694,000 43° 22' First true pyramid
Djoser ancient name unknown Step Pyramid 3rd (c. 2686 – 2613 BC) Saqqara 121w.x109d.x60h. 330,400 Pyramid complex includes enclosure wall more than a mile long 10.5 meters high. The complex covers 37 acre (150,000 m2) and there are 3.5 mi (5.6 km) of underground tunnels.
Sekhemkhet ancient name unknown “Buried Pyramid 3rd Saqqara 120sq.x7h. 33,600 (unfinished)
Sanakht 3rd Zawyet el'Aryan 200sq.x?h. (unfinished)
Khaba ancient name is unknown “Layer Pyramid 3rd Zawyet el'Aryan 84sq.x20h. 47,040 (unfinished)
Sneferu Pyramid of Meidum 4th (c. 2613 – 2498 BC) Meidum 144sq.x92h. 638,733 51° 50' 35" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid
Sneferu Bent Pyramid 4th Dashur 188sq.x105h. 1,237,040 54°50'35"/ 43°22' Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid
Djedefre Pyramid of Djedefre 4th Abu Rawash 106.2sq.x~68h.[4] 131,043 ~52°[4] Pyramid complex included a satellite pyramid.
Khafra Khafre's Pyramid 4th Giza 215.25sq.x143.5h. 2,211,096 53°10' Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid.
Shepseskaf Ancient name unknown Mastabet el-Fara'un 4th South Saqqara 99.6w.x74.4d.x18h. 148,271 70° Not a pyramid, but a giant mastaba
Khentkaus I 4th Giza 45.5w.x45.8d.x17.5h. 6,372(upper) 74° Stepped tomb
Userkaf Pyramid of Userkaf 5th (c. 2498 – 2345 BC) Saqqara 73.3sq.x49h. 87,906 53°7'48" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid.
Sahure Pyramid of Sahure 5th Abusir 78.75sq.x47h. 96,542 50°11'40" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid.
Neferirkare Pyramid of Neferirkare 5th Abusir 105sq.x54h. 257,250 54°30' Originally built a stepped pyramid
Neferefre Pyramid of Neferefre 5th Abusir 65sq.x?h. (unfinished)
Niuserre Pyramid of Niuserre 5th Abusir 79.9sq.x51.68h. 112,632 51°50'35" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 1 or 2 queens pyramids.
Djedkare Isesi Pyramid of Djedkare-Isesi 5th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c.107,835 52° Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 1 queens pyramid.
Unas Pyramid of Unas 5th North Saqqara 57.75sq.x43h. 47,390 56° Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid.
Teti Pyramid of Teti 6th (c. 2345 – 2181 BC) North Saqqara 78.5sq.x52.5h. 107,835 53° 7' 48" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 2 queens pyramids.
Pepi I Pyramid of Pepi I 6th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c. 107,835 53° 7' 48" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 5 queens pyramids.
Merenre Pyramid of Merenre 6th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c. 107,835 57°7'48"
Pepi II Pyramid of Pepi II 6th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c.107,835 53° 7' 48" Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 3 queens pyramids.
Qakare Ibi Pyramid of Ibi 8th South Saqqara 31.5sq.x21?h. 6,994 53° 7′ Last pyramid built in Saqqara
Khui First Intermediate Period Dara 130sq.x?h.
Amenemhat I The Places of the Appearances of Amenemhat 12th (c. 1991 – 1803 BC) Lisht 84sq.x55h. 129,360 54° 27' 44"
Senusret I Pyramid of Senusret I 12th Lisht 105sq.x61.25h. 225,093 49° 24' Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid and 9 queens pyramids.
Amenemhat II White Pyramid 12th Dashur 50sq.x?h.
Senusret II Senusret Appears 12th Illahun (El-Lahun) 106sq.x48.6h. 185,665 42° 35' Pyramid complex includes a satellite pyramid or a queens pyramid.
Senusret III 12th Dashur 105sq.x78h. 288,488 56°18'35" Pyramid complex includes 7 queens pyramids.
Amenemhat III Amenemhat is Beautiful 12th Dashur 105sq.x75h. 274,625 56°18'35"
Amenemhat III Amenemhat Lives 12th Hawara 105sq.xc. 58h. 200,158 48° 45'
Amenemhat IV or Sobehneferu 12th South Mazghuna 52.5sq.x?h.(unfinished) 30,316
Khendjer ancient name unknown Pyramid of Khendjer 13th (c. 1803 – 1649 BC) South Saqqara 52.5sq.x c. 37.35h. 44,096 55°
Ahmose I ancient name unknown Pyramid of Ahmose 18th (c. 1550 – 1292 BC) Abydos 52.5sq.x c. 10h. 60° Built as a Cenotaph. It is the only royal pyramid in Abydos
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