Helicopter Hieroglyphs

Some of the hieroglyphs carved over an arch on the Temple of Seti I at Abydos, Egypt, have been interpreted in esoteric, "ufological" and ancient astronauts writers circles as an out-of-place artifact depicting modern technology, often described as a helicopter, a battle tank or submarine, and a fighter plane or even a U.F.O.


This pareidolia is partly based on widely distributed retouched images that removed key details from the carvings. When examining the original hieroglyphs they are composed of standard known hieroglyphs, and the provocative images are commonly explained as being the result of erosion, and later adjustments, or palimpsest effect, i.e. re-writing over the original inscriptions that left parts of the older text visible creating the illusion of modern-looking machines.[1][2]

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